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Yes, We're All Dorks Here

Atlanta HP
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Community for adults in the Atlanta area, interested in Harry Potter. Please join us if that's you!
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Artwork by the lovely and talented shishio!

Atlanta HP is an adult (18+) Harry Potter fan group in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. This is a home for Harry Potter fans who enjoy discussing the books, movies, and fandom. Please join us! We're all super friendly and love new people.

Each month we have an Atlanta HP party at a home of one of our members. Because of this, we do not post the addresses of the events here on our LJ. Instead we get our party info out by Evite. So if you'd like to be added to the list please click here. All you have to do is put in your email address (and your name if possible) and it will officially be added by Traci -- our Minister of Magic.

If you are on Facebook then please come join us at Atlanta HP's Facebook Group

Thank you to janine42584 for the wonderful layouts the comm uses!